Bradley Method® Class Testimonials

“This class has been a fantastic learning experience. We feel very well prepared & ready for our birth. Thanks for everything!”
~Jessica & Mike

“I knew I wanted a natural childbirth but wanted to receive an education to make this possible. 12 weeks is a commitment, but well worth it for this life changing experience. Each week has a new topic, discussions and hands-on learning. The topics really make you think about your pregnancy and prepare for your labor and delivery and customize the experience for your family. This was a great way for both my husband and I to learn and prepare for childbirth together. Sandra is very relatable, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Having her husband, Christian, take part in the classes is a great way to relate to the dads. With the 12 weeks, it also allows you to build relationships with the other couples in the class. Since giving birth, I have gotten together with the other moms and babies at different baby meet ups/outings.

Sandra and Christian made us feel so confident and prepared for our son’s birth. My own mother was in shock at how well my husband and I were in sync during labor. I am proud to say I had a natural birth. I am so thankful they helped us reach our goal.”
~Joanna & Mike

“It was perfect- we really enjoyed each and every topic in the class. This class gives you a heads-up for what to expect and gives you confidence towards the whole process. Sandra and Christian both used good examples from their experiences and it meant a lot to us. It prepared us for our birth experience.”
~Howard & Jodi

“Thank you! This class really prepared us and has made us feel confident in our abilities to have a natural birth.”
~Rachael & Jon

“We are so glad we took Sandra and Christian’s Bradley classes! We went from being fairly clueless to knowing exactly what to expect and what to do about it. We had complications, but were still able to have a natural birth, and look back on the experience with happy memories instead of the horror stories I hear from friends. I recommend these classes now to every pregnant mommy I talk to.”
~Kelly & James