About Me

Bradley Method® Instructors Sandra Montgomery and Christian MontgomeryI’m happy that you are considering The Bradley Method® of natural childbirth. My husband and I discovered The Bradley Method® years ago as we prepared to give birth to our first child. Giving birth with the lessons we learned through The Bradley Method® made us realize the power of the human body and the importance of the coach’s role. It also strengthened our bond and helped put us on the right track for parenting. We now have three beautiful girls, all born without intervention or medication. I believe pregnancy and birth is a natural, beautiful, and remarkable process and I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm and information with you. It’s important to learn to trust your body during the natural process of bringing your baby into the world, helping to decrease the fear or anxiety often associated with the birthing process.

A little bit about me…

I’ve been married to my husband, Christian, for over 17 years. Christian teaches a portion of our classes and he is available to answer questions from the “coach’s” perspective. We are both here for you to help you achieve a positive birth experience.

I have been dedicated to health and fitness my whole life, which lead me to research natural childbirth when I became pregnant with my first daughter. I love to teach! In addition to being a natural childbirth educator through the Bradley Method®, I’m also an Instructor & Instructor Trainer for the American Red Cross in various areas. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics (Health & Fitness Emphasis) and I went on to obtain my Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I currently work in the public sector, while my husband is a Tax Attorney.

Staying healthy during my pregnancies was especially important to me as I’ve been a vegetarian for most of my life and I was seeking information regarding proper nutrition during pregnancy, which was included in The Bradley Method® of natural childbirth class curriculum. My husband and I are both incredibly passionate about sharing our experiences with natural childbirth and we look forward to helping you achieve a wonderful birth experience.

Phone: 650-223-4611
Email: sandratmontgomery@gmail.com