Sacramento Natural Childbirth Classes

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival!Bradley Birth instructor Sandra Montgomery

Before your baby arrives, there are a lot of decisions to be made and you may not know where to begin. Preparing for parenthood can be overwhelming considering all of the choices that we have to make. The Bradley Method® natural childbirth classes help parents-to-be prepare for labor and birth, giving couples confidence in their decisions and providing tools to become successful in their journey. My natural childbirth classes are kept small to allow for positive student-teacher interaction and include a variety of teaching methods, including: labor rehearsals, relaxation exercises, games, handouts, videos, and hands-on learning. Students typically take this childbirth class in either their second or third trimester.

Did you know that over 87% of Bradley Method® births are unmedicated? During the 12-week series of childbirth classes, participants will learn about prenatal nutrition, exercise, relaxation, informed decision making, labor/birth, the postpartum period, newborn care, as well how to get off to a great start with breastfeeding. Participants will be equipped to make the best and most productive decisions based on the materials and knowledge presented during class. In addition, classes will explore:

  • Understanding the stages of labor
  • Methods to help your partner be as involved as possible, with tools to create a nurturing environment
  • How to reduce unnecessary interventions and how to handle interventions if they become medically necessary
  • Making a birth plan and how to best communicate and partner with your birth team

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